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Ad testing

Based on the concept, we created few ads while MM students wrote some Taglines. Poster to the left was before testing and to the right is after testing. During the testing we found that our target audience has differences preferences according to their gender. Males prefer my poster and females prefers Diana’s poster. Although to my poster, audience can’t find a link to baseball.

Before Ad testing
After ad testing


Everyday Super Heroes is a board concept and it can be interrupt into several aspects. Therefore, I narrowed it down into “becoming everyday super heroes in our daily life” for my campaign proposal.

The overall objective is to raise awareness of Bakken Bears and basketball. The traditional story telling way is, when the Brand is the hero. Now days, most of the brands places themselves as the helper and let the audience be the hero. I applied the same technique and placed the Bakken Bears as the helper. This can be seen in the fairytale model beside.

The overview of the campaign is, the families identify an everyday hero among themselves or someone they know using #EverydaySuperHeroes in social media platforms. Bakken Bears then will invite one of the families for a pre-game family fun time. Pre-game family fun time consists of the family interact with the players 10-15 minutes before the game.

Since our Target Audiences are families with kids and our overall concept is Everyday Super Heroes, the first thing pops out to everyone’s mind is comic theme.

Comic book

I created a small comic book as a beta version and the idea is to hand over the free comics to the families and observe their reactions. (Appendix 4) I created few characters for the comics, Bebo and his family. This is a great touch point, as this generation parents grew up with physical interaction of comic books and this will create nostalgic moment. This could also be a new impending experience for the kids.


Once the families are familiar with the characters, the options are endless to create. In the future, they can publish regular comic books either online or at comic book store. I carried on the idea and created a small animation (Appendix 5). In the animated series, I made a few more suitable characters for the story line and build a universe round the brand.

This video was created with the ratio of 16:9, which is recommended ratio for Youtube and Facebook. In the future Bakken Bears could make a series of animated videos with the concept of everyday Super heroes and release at youtube or facebook as a series.

Facebook Stickers

With the above characters, I created my own stickers for Facebook. I used an app, called Line Creators Studio to create the stickers. Once the stickers are approved by the app store, it can be downloaded by the families and use it in Facebook comments and messenger. This way, the characters will be in everyday usage among the users.

Snapchat filter

Using Geofilter, I transformed my characters into snapchat filter. Further, I created a poster using snapchat mockups with examples of our filter. Again, this will induct the same influence as above Facebook stickers.

Ready for Movember?

In this example, I used a combination to raise awareness for Movember through Everyday Super Heroes concept. The video was specifically prepared for Instagram with ratio 1:1 and less than 60 seconds. This content is more suitable for the younger audience, therefore I chose Instagram as a reasonable touch point.


Next example is focused on “kommunalbestyrelser og regionsråd valg 2017” election.  This video is individually created for Facebook with ratio 16:9, since the kids have no interests in elections and this content appeal more to the adults and the parents.

Breast Cancer

The concept can be even applied to increase awareness of breast cancer among the matured audience, cause everyone who supports the act saves lives. This video was created specifically for Facebook, since Facebook has the option to choose between PG-13 rates content.

Facebook Creative Hub

Creative hub is a new medium to create Facebook mockups for ads on Mobile. Thenceforth, I used the same idea from our ad testing with the tagline “Not every heroes wear a cape”. Since the mockup requires a process of Facebook login, I created a small video demonstration of it.