Violin Unplugged – A Live Show

Violin Unplugged - A Live Show

Everyone has a song, which can be heard close to their heart. This concept evokes their beautiful memories through a time travel journey.

Violin Unplugged is a live concert that contains variety of songs from the South Indian Cinema. It’s more than just a concert. The whole concept is based on giving the individuals an experience to access their beautiful old memories.

The Concept

Just like everyone has a song, every song has a story. It can be a personal story that bounds with the song. It can be the creation of the songs. [expand title='Concept']It can be the composition or the lyrics of the song. Whichever stories, during the concert, the audience enjoys both the music and the story telling. The storytelling takes place before, during or after each song. Quiet often the audience wants to express their memories too, where a microphone will be provided. As you can see, this is more than just a violin concert. This is a concept; an experiment to lead the individuals to travel in time. Click here to read more about the concept development. [/expand]

The Target Audience

Violin Unplugged primarily targeted on the European living Sri Lankan / Indian Tamils between the age group of 30 - 60 years old. Click here to read more about the Target Audience.

My Contribution

The whole idea for this concept was created by my reflection to construct a time travelling experience for the audiences. The major part was, building the idea into a working concept. I started reaching out to stakeholders, investors, sponsors, participants and furthermore tried to built a team, but unfortunately it wasn’t a success as I expected. However , I was able to organize my first concert back in Holstebro in 2015 and it was successful in terms of guiding the audience into a time travel experience. Since then , I was able to organize more and more concerts.

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