Ecstasy is an overwhelming feeling of happiness and a joyful excitement.  As an artist I want to create the same joy, and these are the outcome. 

The series of paintings I created is based on the feelings and the sense rather than an objective or a subject. 

When I was in IBO, I got an opportunity to study about Jackson Pollock’ art work in my Visual Art’s classes. There was an interview held by Times News during his first exhibition. In that article, the author wrote, “at last he cracked the code”. 

This inspired me to ask myself, how I can create something that could convey the intangible aspects such as emotion and feeling. I want to create something that could guide me to lose myself in it. I want to create something that can’t be contained as an object or subject. I want to create something that expresses my emotions, which can’t be communicated through words. 

This led me to create the Ecstasy.