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To build my portfolio website, the most essential thing I need is creating a brand identity. Especially a strong brand identity consists a well-constructed visual identity, which contains brand colors, exclusive typography and a unique logo.

Visual Identity

Brand Identity

Left side - Me about Me - Right side - Others about Me. Intersection illustrate the possible relations between how others see me and I see myself.


Brainstorming helped me understand the concepts and generated new ideas.


I always start with moodboards to perceive the general idea on how my portfolio visually illustrate the style I wish to pursue.

The inspiration I took from my latest artworks so called “Ecstasy”.


Once I finalized the moodboard, I’m able to conclude & complete the colors.

Typography plays an important role in building a visual identity, especially when it has a huge influence on the overall brand architecture. [expand title='Typography']Understanding typography is important particularly when developing a brand identity, mainly the effects on the contexts.[/expand]