Violin Unplugged – Target Audience


Violin Unplugged is targeted on the  Sri Lankan / Indian Tamils living in Europe. “The Tamils can be defined as people, having Tamil as their mother tongue” (Tamil Library, n.d.). Tamils have grown closer to Tamil cinema songs. They are so close that even some songs have deeper meaning to them. The songs has followed them since every stage of their lifetime.

The Target Audience

My target audience are between the age of 30 – 70 years. Audience between the age of 50 – 70 years have spend their young adults life grew up listening to MSV (primary composer during 60’s and early 70’s).  Audience between the age of 30 – 50 years have spend their young adults life grew up with Ilaiyaraaja’s compositions (primary composer during late 70’s to early 90’s). Of course there are other composers during their era, but at Violin Unplugged, we mostly focus on their compositions.

What kind of songs do they listen to

Majority of songs that they composed are emotional songs. My target audience listened to these songs and grew up during their young adult phase. Some of the examples can been seen at my Instagram account:

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