Violin Unplugged – Concept Development

Concept development

I’m the sole creator of this concept. I have been playing violin concerts since I have moved to Denmark for about 10 years now. Through the years, I saw a lot of involvement in the concerts, but there has always been a lack of a concept. I’m talking about the Tamils programs that take place in Europe.  So I was thinking about what is the thing that the Tamils miss. In time, I realized that their lifestyle has changed in Europe, compared to their time back in Sri Lanka / India. This is the starting point of my concept development.

The interviews

I started to interview few Tamils about their past lifestyle and their present lifestyle. These qualitative researches gave me some fresh results and some innovative ideas. So I went back and forward to polish the idea to the final version. Even now, I’m still looking for new ways to improve the concept.

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