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creative mind, soulful musician, innovative designer – everything begins with an abstract mind.

– Niresh Ratnam

Well.. this should be a simple expression, but then MEEHH!! I realized, you can’t understand anyone with a single line description! That’s why for my internship I have linked the following ME to each projects that Im proud of. 

Hello, I have uploaded all my content in here, just in case. Along with the same report, so making it easier you to navigate.   Ad testing Based on the concept, we created few ads while MM students wrote some Taglines. Poster to the left was before testing and to the right is after testing. […]
Violin Unplugged – A Live Show
Violin Unplugged – A Live Show Everyone has a song, which can be heard close to their heart. This concept evokes their beautiful memories through a time travel journey. Violin Unplugged is a live concert that contains variety of songs from the South Indian Cinema. It’s more than just a concert. The whole concept is […]
Ecstacy http://vimeo.com/237394244 Ecstasy is an overwhelming feeling of happiness and a joyful excitement.  As an artist I want to create the same joy, and these are the outcome.  The series of paintings I created is based on the feelings and the sense rather than an objective or a subject.  When I was in IBO, I got […]
Niresh Ratnam
Portfolio Website – Niresh Ratnam To build my portfolio website, the most essential thing I need is creating a brand identity. Especially a strong brand identity consists a well-constructed visual identity, which contains brand colors, exclusive typography and a unique logo. Visual Identity Brand Identity Left side – Me about Me – Right side – […]
Urban Rent
Skills I demonstrated during this project This is a team project for my First-year examination at Business Academy AArhus, to which we got 12 (A – Excellent performance). The company we worked for is called Urban Rent a start-up company, which is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Throughtout this project, I developed my skills of writing […]
Saree https://vimeo.com/237403774