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creative mind, soulful musician, innovative designer – everything begins with an abstract mind.

– Niresh Ratnam

Well.. this should be a simple expression, but then MEEHH!! I realized, you can’t understand anyone with a single line description! That’s why for my internship I have linked the following ME to each projects that Im proud of. 

Violin Unplugged – A Live Show
Violin Unplugged – A Live Show Everyone has a song, which can be heard close to their heart. This concept evokes their beautiful memories through a time travel journey. Violin Unplugged is a live concert that contains variety of songs from the South Indian Cinema. It’s more than just a concert. The whole concept is […]
Ecstacy http://vimeo.com/237394244 Ecstasy is an overwhelming feeling of happiness and a joyful excitement.  As an artist I want to create the same joy, and these are the outcome.  The series of paintings I created is based on the feelings and the sense rather than an objective or a subject.  When I was in IBO, I got […]
Niresh Ratnam
Portfolio Website – Niresh Ratnam To build my portfolio website, the most essential thing I need is creating a brand identity. Especially a strong brand identity consists a well-constructed visual identity, which contains brand colors, exclusive typography and a unique logo. Visual Identity Brand Identity Left side – Me about Me – Right side – […]
Urban Rent
Skills I demonstrated during this project This is a team project for my First-year examination at Business Academy AArhus, to which we got 12 (A – Excellent performance). The company we worked for is called Urban Rent a start-up company, which is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Throughtout this project, I developed my skills of writing […]
Saree https://vimeo.com/237403774